Our Services

Interior design consulting

Space planning ; furniture layout,schemes ,integration ,kitchen and bath layout /design ,commercial design,hotels ,restaurant ,residential design.

Bathroom Design

Creating  functional and storage-friendly bathrooms

Office Design

Beautiful office design which improves productivity and contributes to the well-being of your employees,reflecting your company and how you like to work, both internally and with your customers.

Hard and Soft Furnishing

Accessories; Rugs , Lamps ,Equipment ,Furniture ,Furniture coverings , Fabric Etc

Project Management

Coordinate with other professionals, contractors, architects, engineers and plumbers, to ensure job success.

Colour Consulting

Choosing a style and color Palette and then selecting appropriate furniture,floor and window covering ,artwork and lighting  which works together to meet clients needs.

Residential Design

Specialized in the design of luxury custom homes, single family model homes, and exciting renovations of existing homes.


Bed sheets,Duvets,Pillows,Toss cushions,Bedspread  for Residential ,Commercial and Hospital use.

Art acquisition

Identifying client’s personal art style, shopping, sourcing and design integration.

Custom Window Dressing

Curtains,blinds ,drapes and other related items.

Real Estate Staging

Pre-sale preparation to increase property value.

Kitchen Design

Great ideas to create  modern kitchen designs.

Commercial and Retail Design

Designing welcoming and profitable spaces for your commercial and retail spaces

Custom Furniture Design

Bespoke Furniture design customized for each individual need

Project buying & sourcing

Ranging from tile and stone, appliances & furniture, wall coverings, window coverings & fabric.

Small and Large Scale Renovations

Interior makeovers and room refresher services.